[CEDARS HOUSE] Intern with Founder - Company Evaluation

Thank you for taking time in completing this evaluation form.

This form serves as a platform for company/ organisation to provide feedback to CEDARS on individual intern’s performance as demonstrated in the internship.

Please evaluate the intern as objectively as possible by rating the qualities below, which best describe the intern’s performance for that characteristic.

Basic Information

Please rate the intern’s performance in these areas:

1. Attitude
2. Quality & accuracy of work
3. Observance of rules, policies & procedures
4. Punctuality
5. Dependability
6. Computer literacy
7. Communication skills – Written
8. Communication skills - Oral
9. Ability to organize and communicate ideas effectively
10. Ability to plan, prioritize work and multitask
11. Ability to follow through with tasks and responsibilities effectively and efficiently
12. Problem solving skills
13. Interpersonal skills with clients, team & peers
14. Initiative to learn
15. Responsiveness to feedback & criticism
16. Adaptability, ability to accommodate change
17. Willingness in taking up new tasks & assignments
18. Creativity
21. Overall Performance of intern
22. Can this evaluation be shared with the intern?
23. Our company/ organisation is interested in recruiting intern through Intern with Founder again after this internship.

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