[CEDARS HOUSE] Intern with Founder - End of Internship Ratings

Thank you for taking time in completing this online ratings.

Intern with Founder requires all interns under the Programme to complete this form by assessing your internship experience.

This serves as an evaluation platform which helps facilitate your own learning and self-assessment, and at the same time allows better communication between you and CEDARS.

Personal information
Family Name
e.g. CHAN, Tai Man Billy
First Name
e.g. CHAN, Tai Man Billy
University ID (10-digit)
Internship Details
(CEDARS will only contact the Direct Supervisor regarding your internship experience with your prior consent.)
hours per week

The following questions are designed to help students currently looking for internship opportunities learn more about
whether Intern with Founder will be valuable to them. Please answer these questions honestly and thoughtfully.

Please rate the statements below.

Levels of responsibility provided are consistent with my ability and additional responsibility are given as my experience increases.
The amount of workload assigned is appropriate.
The work assigned is challenging and stimulating.
I am given adequate explanation and training on responsibilities and projects.
Supervisor is available and accessible when I have questions/ concerns.
Supervisor provides constructive and on-going feedback on my performance.
Supervisor is willing to consider my ideas and feedback.
I am treated equally as other coworkers.
I have a good working relationship with coworkers.
There are ample learning opportunities.
I am achieving my learning goal(s) during the internship.
The internship experience gives me a realistic preview of this career field.
I feel that I am better prepared to enter the world of work after this experience.
Overall internship experience has been:
Overall internship experience has been:
I am interested in applying again through Intern with Founder after this internship ends.
I will recommend my fellow students to apply internship through Intern with Founder.

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