University YMCA® (HKU): Joint-U Mental Wellness Programmes 「身心·齊Chill Fun 2.0」聯校活動

Programme Registration
(Application Deadline: 17:00, 10 March 2023)

Eligibility: HKU students / graduates aged 18-29 with valid University YMCA (HKU) membership (Priorities given to members joined on or before 5 February 2023)
Language: Cantonese
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Enquiries about Membership Registration and the Programme: WhatsApp Us / 3917-8091 / 

With the continuous busy life, it is important to give ourselves time to relax and chill! With that said, University & College YMCA Department of Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong have prepared the following activities that heal your body, mind and spirits! 
Quota is limited! Apply now! 

1. “Chill so fun! ” Eco-cycling Tour 「轆so fun! 」單車生態導賞遊 
Date: 18 March 2023 (Sat) 
Time: 14:00 - 17:30 
Location: Yuen Long (Nam Sang Wai, Kam Tin River, Tai Sang Wai) 
Fee: $150 + Deposit $80#  
Programme Details: With the professional tour guides, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong wetland with our bike, and know more the conversation history and ecological value of Nam Sang Wai. You may even get a chance to see different kinds of species in the wetland! 
Enquiry: Ms. Chan (2431-1117/
Note: Bike and helmet will be provided. 

2. “Take a ‘music break’” Kalimba Keychain Workshop 「Take a “music break"~」療癒心靈之旅*
Date: 25 March 2023 (Sat) 
Time: 09:30 - 16:30 (including 1-hour lunchtime, you may self-arrange your lunchbox or purchase it at the programme venue) 
Location: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden 
Fee: $220 + Deposit $80# (Original fee: $500) 
Programme Details: You will be able to relax through wood polishing, nature painting, mini kalimba making, music sharing and share your gratitude stories^ in a peaceful natural environment! 
Enquiry: Ms. Lai (2705-2397/

*This workshop is also a Programme of YMCA Body, Mind and Spirit Working Group.  
^Your gratitude stories may be selected to publish on our social media platform for sharing purpose to encourage other youths to enjoy life positively. 

#Deposit will be fully refunded upon the completion of the activity with satisfactory performance. 

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Membership Information

Participants of the Programme must be valid Uni-Y (HKU) members. Please make sure that you have completed the membership application procedures and have your (1) membership number and (2) expiry date of membership ready.

Your membership fee will be refunded in any circumstances, no matter whether your application for the programme is successful or not.

(i) If you are our existing members, but you have forgotten/do not know your membership number and expiry date, please submit your enquiry with your full name and phone no. via WhatsApp +852 2705-2231.

(ii) If you are not a member yet, please CLICK HERE to download the membership form and upload the completed form in the next step.

Important Points to Note

1. Applicants must be the members of University & College YMCA. You are welcome to join our membership during application of the programme. 參加者須為大學及學院青年會會友,歡迎於報名時即時入會。

2. Limited quota applies. The Organiser reserves the right to close entries before the announced deadline without prior notice. 活動名額有限,主辦單位有權提前截止報名而不作另行通知。

3. The Organiser reserves the right to void any applications with invalid information and/or submitted via improper procedures. 若參加者提供的資料有任何錯誤或不依照正確程序報名,主辦單位保留拒絕接受其參加權。

4. Membership fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. 一經繳費,會費在任何情況下都不會退還。

5. Participants shall check the email inbox regularly, in order to receive the most updated event information. 參加者有義務定期檢查電郵郵箱,以獲得最新活動資訊,否則參加者須自行承擔其造成的所有損失。

6. Deposits will be returned upon satisfactory performance in all activities on time. 參加者必須表現良好、準時出席及順利完成所有活動方可獲退回按金。

7. Programmes will be conducted in Cantonese. 以上活動將以廣東話進行。

8. Gratitude stories of the participants of  “Take a ‘music break’” Kalimba Keychain Workshop may be selected to publish on our social media platform for sharing purpose to encourage other youths to enjoy life positively. 參加者於「Take a “music break"~」療癒心靈之旅內所撰寫之感恩日記有可能被選取上載至本部社交媒體平台作分享,以鼓勵更多青年人正面面對生活上的大小事。

9. The organiser reserves the right to make all decisions in relation to the event, including but not limited to the confirmation of entries, the arrangement of the event, and the amendment to the terms or conditions without prior notice. 主辦單位保留對是次活動的最終決定權,包括但不限於取錄參加者及活動安排,以及保留增減、修改及刪除條款及細則之權利,而不作事先通知。

Membership Information
Are you a member of Uni-Y (HKU)?
Applicants must be valid members of Uni-Y (HKU). Please ensure that you have completed membership registration and have both 1) the membership number and 2) the expiry date.

If you are not a member yet, please CLICK HERE to register for membership.

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Membership No is an 8-digit number. If you have forgotten the number, please WhatsApp +852 2705 2231. If you have just submitted your membership application and do not know your membership number yet, please input 'New member'.
If you have forgotten the membership expiry date, please WhatsApp +852 2705 2231. If you have just submitted your membership application and do not know your membership number yet, please input 'New member'.
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Programme Application
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1. [FPS]You will receive payment email after THREE working days of application. Please settle the payment in THREE days.

2. [CASH]You will receive payment email after THREE working days of application. Please settle the payment at our Uni-Y office (MW 3/F CEDARS) in THREE working days.
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Terms & Conditions

I (the above information provider and the undersigned) declare that the above information is true and correct. To the best of my knowledge and belief, there is no health problem or other reasons that I am not suitable for this activity.  I am in good health condition and do not conceal any existing health problems and allergies. I agree to participate in this activity and comply with disciplinary requirements. If I violate the rules and regulations, the organiser reserves the right to disqualify my participation. 本人 (上述個人資料提供者) 聲明以上填報資料均真確無訛,據本人所知所信,並無任何健康或其他理由導致本人不宜參加本活動。本人健康狀況良好,並無隱瞞任何既有之健康問題或過敏症。本人同意參加是次活動,亦明白活動具有一定之紀律要求,倘若學員違反紀律、規則,貴會將保留終止本人繼續參加活動的權利。

Personal Information Collection Statement

Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong undertakes to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to ensure that personal data kept are accurate and secure. Your personal information (including your name, email address, etc.) may be used by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong for the purposes of sending you organizational updates, fundraising appeals, event invitations, surveys and other communication and marketing via telephone/post/electronic mails. If you do not wish to receive any communication from us, please email your Chinese and English full name, together with your membership number and telephone number to University and College YMCA Department at For any enquiries, please contact us at 2705 2231.